Tips On How To Avoid Supplement Rip Offs

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Supplements are a big business according to a recently released report. Americans spend $128 billion on natural product supplements every year does everyone really need them.

Tips to they void rip draws these can be expensive but you want to buy the right stuff that’s right I came back from the natural products expo west in california, two weeks ago.

Supplements are here to stay I can say that there is so much confusion about what it is we should be looking for when it comes to getting ripped off, you say that is a big problem sometimes people are looking for what is the least expensive.

Not knowing what they are getting is lacking potency of the ingredients it is like chia where it is a high level of omega 3, 6 and 9 you can get it in a tablet form, powder form and oil form do you think people need to take all these supplements? I eat well as I got older I learned I need therapuetic doses of ingredients in order for them to be effective.

Is there one you would recommend? I think it depends on your needs and overall well being and picking things out again, I was talking about relating it to food when you pick out a tomato you don’t want one beat up let’s look at something as simple as cranberries. We are all about cranberry juice.

The important thing with taking a cranberry supplement is it needs to be the whole food cranberry extract it will not effective what happens is, can you see a lot of different colors here? The reason there are different colors is because there is only one that is actually whole cranberry. I guess the darkest red you can taste that one.

Put your finger in the powder they are not all full strength cranberry what is really nice about that product is it says it is from farm to finish it is a whole product it is non-gmo and organi.

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